Starry Nights Luxury Camping

About Us

Shane and his family are the owners, managers and builders of Starry Nights Luxury Camping.  Shane has spent most of his life as a veterinarian. Originally from Queensland, when we started, we still had dependent children in school in Canberra and it was a big move giving up our secure jobs to risk everything we had worked so hard for, especially for what many friends considered a risky idea! We had been camping for years, erecting out tent and loving the outdoors and have always thought more people have to experience this amazing creation. We’ve usually invited friends with us on our camping trips, but we were not able to bring everyone. So Starry Nights Luxury Camping began. After years of ‘dreaming’, many camping trips and discussing our ideas, and generally working up the courage to take the plunge we started on the journey which took 2 years to build, plant and landscape Starry Nights.

After searching for over 3 years, for the perfect property to build our campsite we found – Starry Nights – a beautiful property full of wildlife, ridges, hills, creeks, trees and spectacular views and we fell in love.

It also met our 3 big criteria – it had:

  • a rainforest and was sounded by undulating hills,
  • a permanent creek with stony banks and riverbed (with swimming holes),
  • a great location, just over – 10 minutes from Montville, 25 minutes to Alex and Mooloolaba beaches, and just over 1 hour from Brisbane.

It was the perfect spot for our glamping retreat and thus Starry Nights Luxury Camping was born.

Shane & Nicole

We wanted to create an experience as close as possible to camping in the wilderness with a fire, a creek and an actual tent (not a cabin made from canvas). It’s earthy, raw and a real camping experience but we also wanted to combine it with luxury (like an ensuite, soft king-sized beds, organic food, 75sqm safari tents, fireplaces and steaming hot baths).

We’re off grid in that we harvest our own rainwater, use solar electricity and we live sustainably with organic food, using what is around us like wood for heating. For a long time we’ve had a vision to minimise our carbon footprint and thought people could live in tents permanently like they did in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.